Woman Broke Into Ex-Boyfriend’s Home With Machete and Forced Him to Have Sex

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Some true stories wouldn’t be believable if they were sold as fiction. This is one of those. A woman, armed with a machete, broke into her ex-boyfriend’s house. He wasn’t home. Once inside, the woman hid out and waited for him. When he arrived back she accosted the man and forced him to have sex.

“Samantha Mears, the Idaho State Journal writes, “is accused of breaking into the man’s Great Falls home Friday. The man was not there, but when he returned, he says Mears forced him to disrobe.”

The incident occurred on the night of June 22. Police officers were dispatched around 11:00 p.m. The victim had left the house to go to the gas station. When he returned home, Mears was in his house. He immediately knew something was up, as he noticed objects in the house were out of place.

“Mears then emerged from behind the bedroom door, approached [the victim, who is identified as “S.D.”] from behind and held a machete up to his neck,” the court document say. “Mears then ordered S.D. to get on the bed and remove his clothes. S.D. complied with her demands out of fear for his safety. S.D. told me that he did not feel he could leave the room at this time or he would be hurt.”

“Mears removed her pants and crawled on top,” of S.D., the man said in his statement. “S.D. told me that he engaged in intercourse with Mears after he had become aroused by seeing her without any under garments on. Once S.D. had ejaculated, he attempted to push Mears off of him to end the intercourse. Mears then bit S.D. on the left arm and continued having sex with him until he was no longer erect. S.D. had a (bite) mark on his left arm consistent with being bitten by another person. S.D. told me that Mears held onto the machete during the intercourse.”

Mears then refused to leave. She sat “still armed with the machete,” against the wall of his room. S.D. then took pictures other, which he gave to the responding officers.

“Mears and S.D. then began to argue. During the argument, Mears ripped a large piece of trim off the wall … Mears then intentionally urinated herself while sitting on the bed.”