Woman Breaks Into Police Station After Officer Refuses to Date Her [VIDEO]

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Here’s one of those heartwarming tales of obsession that will surely have Hollywood producers in a bidding war for the movie rights. A woman, unable to get her beloved to pay attention to her, broke into the police station where he worked and began rifling through the file cabinets.

Ashley Keister, 27, has been harassing the Pennsylvania police officer for months now. He arrested her back in May of 2018, and she was smitten.

On Monday night, Keister decided to take a more aggressive approach. She smashed her way into the West Wyoming Police Station and waited for her beloved officer to come arrest her.

“West Wyoming police Chief Curtis Nocera said she had been under investigation for sexually harassing a team member from the borough,” Daily Mail writes.

“She wanted to have a relationship with him,” he said. “I made her sign a piece of paper saying that she wouldn’t contact a specific officer like she’s been, sending him upwards of 20 plus messages a day.”

She signed the paper, but, later, must have changed her mind. She called 911 and asked that the officer meet her at the station. 10 minutes later, she was busting out the glass in the station’s doors.

There were no police on hand to meet her. This seems odd, as she had told officers where she was going.

Once inside, Keister raided files and hung around, then went out and waited for the officers to arrive. When police did show up, she tried to assault them. Two officers managed to get her restrained, and she was arrested.

After the odd incident, Chief Nocera noted that his team needed to work on their security procedures.

“We definitely have to beef up security. Look around at all our municipal buildings, fire, EMS, and police to make sure that people like this can’t break in and get to first responders.”

One suggestion he might consider is this: don’t leave potential battering rams outside your glass doors.

Keister has been charged with institutional vandalism, criminal mischief, and burglary. She is also facing additional charges of “aggravated assault, burglary, loitering and prowling at night, harassment and disorderly conduct.”

She’s being held on $50,000 bail, which is making it much harder for her to get the attention of her beloved officer.