Protester Gets Run Over After Blocking Street, Cursing Police About Dead Criminal [VIDEO]

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Protestors blocking traffic seems almost commonplace nowadays as someone is always upset about something that they deem “unjust.” And apparently inconveniencing others is the only way to right the wrong. Protestors in St. Louis, Missouri flooded the streets blocking traffic after a police officer shot and killed 21-year-old Isaiah Hammett.

Hammett, a suspected arms dealer, was killed when he opened fire on law enforcement with an assault rifle. In some twisted alternative reality, local citizens found the shooting unjust which prompted the protest.

The grandfather of the victim, Dennis Torres, added fuel to the fire after he told reporters that he thought the cops were people trying to break into their home.

“If I could have got to a gun, I would have returned fire, too,” Torres told St. Louis Today. “I didn’t know who was trying to break into my home.”

After news broke of Hammett’s death, protestors filled the streets Thursday night and chanted “justice for Isaiah!” The protest came to a head after a car with two people inside it became blocked by the mob.

Footage showed a woman in a white shirt and blue pants blocking multiple cars. Sooner or later the cars would find another way around, but when a driver of a Chrysler 300 came up to the grou, things took an unexpected turn.

The passenger in the car can be heard yelling at the woman blocking the car, presumably telling her to get out of their way. The banter goes on back and forth for a couple of minutes until the driver of the car has had enough.

In one fell swoop, the car’s engine revs and the driver runs the large woman in front of them out of their way. As expected, the protestors can’t believe their eyes as one of their friends is pushed out of the way.

According to police at the scene, the woman was transferred to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. It just goes to show, if you block traffic, you can expect to be treated like an obstacle.