Woman Asks for Trendy Undercut. Walks Out with ‘World’s Worst Haircut’

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When you bring in a photo as an example for a haircut, your results may vary. Factors like hair length and texture can play a big role in the outcome, but not so much as to create the disaster that Lucy Burrows, 22, experienced. She asked for an Instagram-worthy undercut and didn’t get anything close to what she requested.

An undercut involves shaving a V section of hair at the base of the head, according to a report by Metro. Then, usually, the stylist adds some ornate line work, creating an edgy design.

Burrows entered Barber n’ Bar with a picture of an undercut in hand, asking the stylist to replicate the design.

Instead of the small V section and the ornate pattern, the stylist shaved about one-third of her head. To say the line work was uneven is an understatement, as none of it lined up properly.

The incident originally happened in August, but Burrows just recently had the guts to post about her experience on social media.

In a post where she dubbed the experience the “worlds worst hair cut,” Burrows wrote: “If you’re looking for a butcher you’ve come to the right place absolutely destroyed my hair and my confidence I couldn’t even go to work because of this. I went in with the picture of what I wanted and they advised they could do this and well just see below.”

“[T]his happened in August,” she added, “but only just had the courage to post just think people should be careful.”

Facebook users were quick to share in the horror. “No [f***ing] way,” said one user, “I would be screaming if someone butchered mine like that poor girl.”

“They’ve gone half way up your fucking head and drawn a few random lines!!” said another. “I’d go absolutely insane!!! I hope you went mental at them!!!!!”

Burrows stated that Barber n’ Bar in Cheltenham, England, didn’t acknowledge their error initially.

In a follow-up post, Burrows said the shop claimed “I didn’t get it done there” but that they were “sending me the money back.” She received the £20 back that she originally spent on the cut along with another £10 for her trouble.