Woman Accidentally Throws Out $100K in Jewelry. Then She Calls the Dump & Begs Them to Find It.

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We have all accidentally thrown something of value in the trash. One woman took this to a whole new level after she threw over $100,000 worth of jewelry in the trash. The woman then called the landfill to see if the workers there could find the valuables she had thrown out days earlier.

An unnamed Georgia woman called Hall County landfill in a panic after she discovered that she had accidentally thrown away three rings and a bracelet worth $100,000.

The woman then pleaded with the Hall County Solid Waste Director Johnnie Vickers for his staff to look for a black bag that contained the expensive jewelry. Luckily for her, Vickers agreed to have his staff look, but he told her that he couldn’t promise that they would be able to find her jewelry as it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

As if finding the jewelry wasn’t already hard enough, AJC reported that days earlier the landfill had received 300 tons of trash.

The staff, consisting of five people who were tasked with finding the valuables, were able to narrow down where the $100,000 trash bag might be by determining what time the trash on the woman’s street had been picked up, according to the Daily Mail.

“Timing is everything in this game to recover something,” Vickers said. By doing so, the staff was able to estimate where the bag could be, narrowing the 300 tons down to nine tons, The Time reported.

Three hours after starting their search, the five-man crew was able to obtain the black bag described by the frantic woman. Ironically, the last bag the men checked before giving up obtained the expensive jewelry.

“I just felt sick to my stomach when I realized what had happened,” the owner of the jewelry told Hall County officials.  “I thought there was no way it would ever be recovered, but it was.”

Finding the jewelry involved a lot of luck and the willingness of the men working at the landfill to stop what they were doing in order to search. Vickers says he understands that people put things in the trash by accident. “We try to treat it just like if we had lost it,” he said.