Woman Accidentally Ignites a Stick of Dynamite After Mistaking It for a Candle During Power Outage

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On Thursday night, a 30-year-old mother-of-two went looking for a candle after losing power at her home during a storm. However, in the darkness, the woman mistook a stick of dynamite for a candle. She lit the explosive and proceed to carry it in her hand. Then, the dynamite went off.

The incident took place at the woman’s Connecticut home. After the dynamite exploded, injuring the mother and blowing out one of the house’s windows, one of her two children called 911.

Both of the woman’s children, as well as her husband, were home during the incident. According to a report by the Daily Mail, no one else was injured when the dynamite exploded.

Emergency responders arrived at the home after the 911 call. The woman, whose name has not been released, was taken to the hospital for treatment. She suffered severe injuries to her hand, and may lose several fingers, as well as injuries to her face.

While on the scene, firefighters found another explosive device. As a precaution, the woman’s neighbors were evacuated from the area, and the bomb squad was called in to safely remove the explosives.

“Something that we can get out of this is that people should be prepared when we have power outages,” said Bridgeport Fire Chief Richard Thode.

“They should have flashlights, glow sticks, things like that to really make sure they can handle being without power for several hours,” he added.

After losing power, the woman and her family initially attempted to buy emergency lighting from a nearby Home Depot, but the store was closed.

Then, they thought they remembered that there were candles in the basement, something that had been left behind by the home’s previous owner.

The items they thought were candles turned out to be M-1000s, also referred to as quarter sticks of dynamite.

In Connecticut, it is illegal to possess dynamite, firecrackers, or fireworks. However, local authorities do not intend to file charges as the family claims that they were unaware of the explosives being in their home, as they had just recently moved in.

After an investigation, the Bridgeport Fire Marshal’s Office has deemed the incident to be a tragic accident.

“There’s no criminal intent, there’s no criminal investigation,” Thode stated. “So, we don’t know if it was the previous owner, or maybe even the owner before that. It was just some old dusty thing stuck in a corner.”