High School Seniors Conduct the Greatest Senior Prank of All Time [VIDEO]

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Soon-to-graduate seniors at high schools across the country dream of pulling off the perfect senior prank. Some include light-hearted fun like filling a hallway with cups of water so people cannot pass, while other senior pranks go too far and students end up in varying degrees of trouble. Students at a Wisconsin high school may have come up with the senior best prank of all time.

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Seniors at Cumberland High School are being praised for their originality. According to Fox News, an undetermined number of individuals used a black tarp, a junker car and spare bricks to make it look like a car had smashed into their school.

It was evident once anyone got close that this was a prank as the back of the car read: “CHS Class 2018. We’re Bustin’ Out of Here.” However, some concerned people passing the school called the Cumberland Police Department to inform them of the accident.

Thankfully for all involved, the officers had a sense of humor about the whole situation. “Hats off to the Cumberland High School Class of 2018 on your senior prank,” the department wrote on their Facebook page. “Congratulation Class of 2018 on one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.”

The prank was so good that it caught the interest of the school district. “Students positioned an old junker strewn with loose bricks in front of what appeared to be a gaping black hole in the building’s side, just outside the principal’s office,” the Cumberland School District said. “It wasn’t actually a hole, though. Using tape and a black tarp, the students created the illusion of damage, making it look like the car crashed into the side of the building.”

Since posting the images on their Facebook page, the prank has gone viral and has been liked over 2.1k times. One person commented, “Hats off to Cumberland PD for having a sense of humor! People are too serious these days. Great prank! Sometimes things are just funny! Laugh people!”

Another person echoed similar sentiments saying, “So creative! Great job at pulling off an artistic and safe senior prank! Way to go Cumberland P.D. for being supportive!!!”