Willie Nelson Rescued 70 Horses from the Slaughterhouse. Now They Roam Free on His Texas Ranch. [VIDEO]

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Even at 85 years old country music superstar Willie Nelson takes time out of his busy days touring to do some good. Nelson reportedly saved 70 horses from being slaughtered by adopting all of them and letting them roam free on the 700-acre farm he calls “Luck Farm,” a fitting name given the circumstances.

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“My horses are probably the luckiest horses in the world,” Nelson told KAST 12 News. “They get hand-fed twice a day, and they were just ready to go to slaughter is probably the last thing they remembered, so they’re happy horses.”

Nelson, who is a vocal advocate for horses, even went as far as asking the Senate of the United States to consider banning the slaughter of horses in a letter he sent last year. When he isn’t on the road for 200 plus days a year, Nelson is living the good life at his aforementioned Texas farm where he hangs out with his horses.

Horses are typically slaughtered and sold for their meat. Habitat for Horses, which is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping horses who are likely to be put down, explained that without big names like Nelson’s, they would have a difficult time getting their message out.

The non-profit isn’t just about saving these horses either. According to their website, the group helps rehabilitate horses that have been injured or are homeless. They then work to find a suitable home for the horse.

Nelson’s love for horses has even trickled into his music. His next album, scheduled to be released this summer, includes a song called “Ride Me Back Home” touting his love for horses, Country reported.

It’s safe to say this is simply one of the reasons that Nelson is adored by the masses. From the sound of it, Nelson won’t be leaving the spotlight as he has announced he will not be retiring from music any time in the near future.