Wildfire Uncovers 2 Miles of Underground “Doomsday Bunkers” Loaded With Weapons, Grenades and Food

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In the wake of a wildfire, an illegally built doomsday bunker was discovered in the woods. The owner of the bunker, a 80-year-old man who has yet to be named due to the ongoing investigation, also built four cabins in a two mile radius. Authorities also combed through the densely wooded area and found loaded weapons in trash cans.

The doomsday prepper, who has worked on the bunker and cabins over the last 30 years, lives in a nearby Utah home and was keeping his bunker and cabins in case of a disaster, according to the Washington Post.

The sheriff leading the investigation, Lt. Del Schlosser, said the man’s only intent “was to defend what he had there if the end of the world was to come.”

According to interviews conducted by Schlosser, the elderly man feared some kind of collapse of society, including the economy, was bound to happen, and he didn’t plan to be unprepared.

Authorities stumbled across the bunker, which is located outside the ski town of Brian Head, after a wildfire ravaged the forrest. According to the Daily Mail, among the things found were a dozen grenades, explosive powder and weapons with plenty of ammunition.

The man admitted to having some help over the years as far as construction goes, but said he was the sole person to bring the weapons and the explosive materials in.

The man was identified after firefighters came across some material that had the man’s name on it. “If you pack a few things in here and there, people don’t notice that,” he told investigators.

The local sheriff department called in the FBI to help figure out what was going. The two organizations dismantled the bunker and most of the evidence was haulled off by helicopter.

The man had everything he would need for the remainder of his life. He brought authorities to his other two cabins and they found reading material, ammunition and food for years.

Since all the cabins and the bunker was built on government-owned land, it was considered illegally built. Schlosser said prosecutors are debating on whether to file any charges against the man.