Wife Tried on Her Husband’s Bomb Squad Suit. It Went Poorly [VIDEO]

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A member of a bomb disposal squad decided to have a little fun and let his fiancé try on one of the suits he has to don on a regular basis, but it was a little more difficult than she expected, mainly because a bomb disposal suit weighs a whopping 81 pounds!

bomb 1

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Most suits such as this are made from a combination of kevlar, plastic, and foam, a mixture responsible for its weight. Not only are they exceptionally heavy, they can also become extremely hot and claustrophobic inside because they do not release any of the heat generated by the person wearing it. Some of the more modern suits like this one are equipped with internal fans, however, they result in more added weight.

bomb 2

In the footage filmed in an undisclosed location in the US, the man convinces his “little lady” to try on his work attire, only to find herself weighed down to the floor, wriggling about and only able to lift her hands off the ground. When you’re in a suit that is designed to withstand the type of pressure generated by a bomb, it’s going to be difficult to even roll over, as this woman soon found out.

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Other members of the squad were there when the video was made and to say they found it all hilarious is an understatement, with one member telling her she looks “like a turtle.” The woman involved remains in good spirits, saying “I feel like an astronaut,” but about a minute in the suit was enough for her. Then the claustrophobia became unbearable and she begged “take it off, I think I’m going to die.”

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This particular suit is equipped with a fan so her fiancé attempts to turn it on in an effort to make her feel more comfortable, but inadvertently switches on the lights located on the top of the helmet instead. The woman inside the suit takes the whole situation in her stride and can even see the humor in it all too, but it would be hard to keep your composure under those circumstances.

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The caption on Youtube for the video reads ‘Put the little lady into some of our work attire. Tears were involved, and I’m still not fully forgiven.’ Not only her, but anyone watching the video will now be aware of the added physical and emotional stress just from wearing the suit that goes along with the pressure of working in the field of bomb disposal.

h/t Daily Mail