Why So Crabby? One Seafood Restaurant Destroyed PETA in Twitter Battle

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PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has a way of igniting controversy. PETA protestors often camp outside of restaurants and stand in judgement of those establishments’ patrons. And they’re waging a billboard campaign, too. One of those billboards has ignited an all-out media battle with one seafood restaurant.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland, didn’t appreciate the PETA campaign that attacked the crab industry. The company is fighting back with their own campaign.

Jimmy’s didn’t shy away from their direct confrontation, either. Part of their ply has been to personalize the fight.

Many in Maryland rely on seafood for their livelihood.

And in a bold move toward reclamation of the acronym, Jimmy’s even made shirts with a new PETA slogan.

And it isn’t just the crabbing industry they are interested in supporting.

They do lobster, too.

After PETA continued their attack on Maryland seafood, Jimmy’s took it further and expanded their mockery of PETA.

Most of their posts, though, were just designed to push PETA’s buttons.

It seems like Jimmy’s understands its customer base. Those that eat meat and seafood at Jimmy’s are rarely won over to the Vegan side.

They even managed some celebrity endorsements.

After getting the better of PETA’s social media team, Jimmy’s turned to mocking vegans.

They have lots of vegan options on the menu, though they don’t look very filling.

And Jimmy’s isn’t afraid of activism, either.

The animals that aren’t on Jimmy’s menu are doing fine. Not all of them, though. Jimmy’s isn’t afraid of digging deep into PETA’s own practices and pointing out some logical fallacies.

Their social media blitz has been popular with their customers. And their customers know why they like Jimmy’s.

Some of the posts have given a rare behind-the-scenes look at the kitchen.

The behind-the-scenes at PETA, as Jimmy’s sees it, is harder to understand.

Nothing PETA has ever done is safe.

While the feud is ongoing, Jimmy’s is clearly reaping the benefit of the free advertising. The back-and-forth has riled up those who oppose PETA’s pet projects, and made Jimmy’s a destination.