When Cops Opened the Fridge and Oven, They Knew They Had to Take Their Kids Away [VIDEO]

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When police showed up at the home of Travis and Robin Royall in Palm Beach they knew there was a chance things would be bad, but they simply weren’t ready for what they found. The home visit resulted in the Royalls having their children taken by child services for the second time. [Scroll Down For Video]

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Before deputies even entered the home, they noted a strong smell of urine. Inside, they found living conditions that would be considered poor even by third world standards.

The floors of the home were caked with urine and feces. There was no running water. Toilets in the home had been used, but not flushed for at least several weeks according to reports.

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Trash was piled high in several rooms. Discard food items were laid randomly around the home. Other items such as discarded wood, tires, and broken furniture littered the home and property.

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Then there were the bugs. Deputies say the home was infested with spiders that had built numerous webs that had not been removed by the family. Although, maybe the spiders helped keep the roaches somewhat at bay. Officers say that the roaches they could see numbered in the thousands.

When officers opened the refrigerator and oven, the bugs poured out. They had been feeding on large amounts of spoiled, discarded food. Police say the oven had likely not been cleaned in numerous years, if ever.

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To top things off, the home had no air conditioning (a near requirement in the hot, muggy Florida summers) and even had a significant hole in the roof.

Child services came and took away the couples two young children. However, this wasn’t the first time. The couple lost their children once before in 2012, also due to poor living conditions.

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Both Robin and Travis were booked into county jail on one count of child neglect each. The next day, they, along with several family members, could be seen hauling away trailer loads of trash and junk.

The house is a major eye sore in a neighborhood where home owners take the utmost pride in their homes. One neighbor told reporters that the neighborhood tries so hard to keep things looking nice that they coordinate their lawn mowing schedules.