When a Man Didn’t Put Up His Usual ‘Epic’ Christmas Display, Neighbors Knew Something Was Wrong

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Over the last 20 or more years, one man became known for his “epic” Christmas displays featuring “hundreds of Christmas lights” and a range of characters, including “Darth Vader and Yoda” in last year’s display. This year, when the display was much smaller than usual, neighbors knew something was wrong.

A user on Imgur, who posts under the name “ivehadbetter,” shared a story about his neighborhood and one particular member of their local community.

“For the last 20+ years, a man in our neighborhood has set up an epic display of hundreds of Christmas lights and characters in his front yard (I saw Darth Vader and Yoda in there last year),” the post began.

“This year, there was only a small display and neighbors knew something was up.”

Members of the community began asking around, and, “through the grapevine,” the neighborhood discovered that the man “had suffered a stroke.”

With the holidays approaching, the community decided to come together.

According to the post, “Last week people casually mentioned getting together to sing carols in his yard tonight to express our gratitude and support him and his family at this time.”

“Since this wasn’t very organized, I didn’t know what to expect… no rehearsal, no plan… just show up,” the post continued.

“I’d say roughly 70 people showed up if not more, and it was beautiful. To me, this is what the Christmas spirit is all about.”

The post also included video from the event, showing the slew of people on the man’s lawn singing their hearts out.

Community awesomeness

Most commenters on the post were incredibly positive.

“Good stuff here,” said one reply. “Good to see humans being humans. Happy Holidays to you all. Hope he recovers.”

However, another said that “filming s***” destroys the experience. However, the original poster took it in stride, saying, “Well, spent 45 minutes of it *not* filming, less than 1 min filming, and now I have a great keepsake to share with others. I’d say win/win.”