When 200 Marines Were Stranded After Desert Storm, Trump Stepped Up

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UPDATE: Trump’s campaign has confirmed the story to be true on their Facebook page.

Looking for proof of Donald Trump’s moral character in the checkered evidence of his past has stumped some Trump fans. But here’s something. Just ask any of the 200 stranded Marines who made it home from Desert Storm thanks to The Donald.

When looking for clues into a the character of a man (or woman) you can judge them by their words or their actions. Politicians, even the wannabe politicians we’re considering now, would have you look at their future actions–what they promise they will do.


But what about what they’ve done? What about what they did long ago, before they had the aspiration to seek public office?

Well here’s a gem for Trump fans.

Sean Hannity recently reported on a moment from Trump’s distant past that will be hard for Hillary to top.

As Hannity reports: “When Corporal Ryan Stickney and 200 of his fellow Marines prepared to return to their families after Operation Desert Storm in 1991, a logistics error forced them to turn to a surprising source for a ride home: Donald J. Trump.
Today, Stickney would like to say ‘thank you.’”

Stickney’s squad of Marine reservists were stationed in Miami, FL. During the Gulf War, the unit spent six months in Saudi Arabia. They returned to the United States in 1991, but ended up in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina where they waited to return to their families and homes in Miami.


A logistical error prevented the Marines from making the final leg of that journey, and they ended up stranded.

“The way the story was told to us was that Mr. Trump found out about it and sent the airline down to take care of us,” Stickney said. “And that’s all we knew….I remember asking ‘Who is Donald Trump?’ I truly didn’t know anything about him.”

Corporal Stickney took this photo of the moment he knew he and his men would make it home.


“It may not seem like much to most people,” Stickney said, “but it was very important to a bunch of jar heads and more importantly their families waiting for them on the hot tarmac.”

If he’d pulled this off today, I’d have to say “well played, Donald.” Yet this was 1991. It must be a sign of genuine character.