Wheel of Fortune Host Tries to Keep a Straight Face When Player Gives Raunchy Guess [VIDEO]

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There have been numerous fails in the more than 4 decade run of America’s favorite word game, but this episode of Wheel of Fortune had a moment that will stand out in the annals of epic fails. One contestant, starring at an almost full board, took a guess at the words. What seemed like a lock quickly went south when she offered her version of the answer.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak had a hard time holding in his laughter. “The 71-year-old had to break the news that Melanie had an incorrect answer as professionally as he could while they filmed the family show,” Daily Mail writes.

The tiles had been flipped, and the soon-to-be-winning-contestant, Melanie, was set to take the easy money. Only one letter hadn’t been flipped. What should have read “Bridal & Cold Shower” was missing the “C” from Cold.

There were other options, of course. Cold could have easily been something else. Mold or Fold would both fit. Yet the Wheel’s puzzles usually have some inherent logic behind them, too.

Melanie went for the other logical option. “Bridal & Gold Shower” she said.

“A tickled contestant named Jenn swooped in and added $1,000 to her prize money after Melanie guessed the incorrect answer with a sexual connotation on Wheel of Fortune,” DM noted.

“While a bridal shower is usually and innocent gathering to present a bride-to-be with gifts and the correct answer – a cold shower – simply refers to the temperature of water in a literal shower,” DM explains.

A golden shower is a bit more complicated.

The other two contestants, and even Sajack himself, struggled not to laugh. Melanie had $2,000 in the bank when she made her guess. In the moment, she didn’t show any sign that what she’d said was at all controversial.

Vanna White, expecting to turn the last letter, also seemed amused by the faux pas.

“We’ll be back with more Wheel right after this,” Sajack said, cutting to commercial. The show ran with the odd moment in place, much to the amusement of audiences everywhere, though it may have taken some creative editing to make it as smooth as it is in the finished version.