That Time Wendy’s Owned a Twitter Troll So Badly They Deleted Their Account

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Public relations in the day and age of social media can be a sensitive subject, especially for well established brands.

Everyone wants to be “snarky” and “viral,” but if you’re a Fortune 500 company, you usually have to walk a fine line between effective social media marketing and not alienating a large user base.


Or, sometimes, you’re Wendy’s social media team and you just go all out and absolutely own a Twitter troll so bad they ultimately delete their account.

Earlier this week, Wendy’s made the following innocuous social media post:


No problem with that, right? Pretty straightforward. However, it’s the internet, so of course someone takes issue with it. Fortunately, Wendy’s social media team was right there on top of things.


Then @NHRide had to go for a low blow and bring McDonald’s breakfast into the mix. However, once again, Wendy’s crack team was ready.


Wow. So that was pretty hard to read right? Well, apparently @NHRide thought so too. So much so that the user apparently deleted their Twitter account.


Well done Wendy’s. Well done. 2017 is off to a solid start. By the way, we can thank user @Fraxtil for documenting this gem before @NHRide’s account was deleted.

You can also still check out Wendy’s side of the conversation, which was not deleted.