Wendy’s is Roasting Every Other Brand on Twitter & It’s Absolutely Savage

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Wendy’s is known for its Twitter feed. The restaurant chain has no problem letting just about anyone have it, dishing out high-quality burns whenever the opportunity arises. On January 4, Wendy’s decided to go the extra mile, announcing that they would roast anyone who asked in honor of #NationalRoastDay, and people lined up for the privilege.

Companies, people, and brands all began sending requests to Wendy’s, practically begging the company to take shots at them. In true Wendy’s Twitter fashion, the restaurant chain didn’t hold back.

Spalding decided to try their luck on #NationalRoastDay.

Even Butterfinger wasn’t immune to the savagery.

Ore-Ida Potatoes was decidedly served.

Corn Nuts welcomed a roasting.

Wendy’s was also more than happy to let Hooters have it.

People also decided to invite a roasting from Wendy’s.

Ultimately, Wendy’s didn’t disappoint on #NationalRoastDay. While the restaurant will likely continue their savage ways on Twitter, anyone hoping for a simple invitation for a roasting will have to wait until next year.