Website Owner Travels More Than 500 Miles to Slap Female Customer Who Complained About Her Order [VIDEO]

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We have all had packages that took longer than expected to arrive at the desired destination, and shop owners handle complaints in numerous ways. But this online shop owner might want to work on his customer service skills. This merchant flew day and night to deliver a beatdown to a customer who complained that her order had not been delivered.

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Xiao Die purchased $40 of clothes from Alibaba’s Taobao on December 20. After a couple of days went by, Die formally complained about the situation to the online retailer.

In exchange, Die claimed she was sent harassing and threatening messages by who she now believes was the owner, Mr. Zhang.

Three days after she ordered the clothes and complained, Die was sent a message claiming, “I can destroy you.” The harassment didn’t stop there as she was receiving calls at odd hours of the night telling her to remove the complaint.

The package was scheduled to be delivered on December 27, and Die waited patiently in the designated area to pick up her clothes only to be met by Zhang himself, who proceeded to punch and kick her.

The violent act was recorded on a nearby surveillance footage. One eyewitness seen in the video gets closer to the altercation but does not stop the onslaught of punches and kicks. According to the Daily Mail, Die suffered a concussion, fractured bones, and contusions to her face.

Zhang supposedly traveled over 500 miles to personally deliver the package and to physically assault his dissatisfied customer.

Police reviewing the surveillance footage were able to locate Zhang’s home address and flew the same route he had to deliver justice. On January 6, Zhang was arrested.

After speaking to Zhang, it was discovered that the complaint Die had filed against him and his company deducted 12 points from his store rating. Apparently, this was simply unacceptable to Zhang.

Fortunately, Zhang’s online store has since been deleted. Watch the attack unfold below.

h/t: Daily Mail