Water Spills Out of Bathtub in Skyscraper Apartment as Building Sways Violently in Storm [VIDEO]

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If you’ve spent much time in tall buildings, you know they sway. The sensation is akin to being on a gently rocking boat. A gentle sway is to be expected, but serious storms can cause more chaos. The builders of this skyscraper may need to rethink where they are placing their Jacuzzi tubs, though, as this video clearly shows.

The Millennium Palace in the southern Brazilian resort city of Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina was hit with some epic winds recently. The tower was rocking in the storm.

“Lights can be seen flickering in the short video,” The Daily Mail writes. The footage was “filmed by a resident in the 580-foot-high building, as swathes of water slosh onto the luxury apartment’s wooden floor.”

“The camerawoman can be heard repeatedly saying ‘apagão’ – the Portuguese term for ‘blackout’.”

The residents tried to mop up the spills with a towel, but it wasn’t enough. The tub couldn’t hold all of its water. Wave after wave rolled up the sides.

“‘Ooooh! Meu Jesus!’ exclaims the woman as a particularly strong wave breaks onto the floor.”

The water wasn’t moving with the rest of the building, and it covered the floor and splashed on the windows.

The 580-foot-high Millennium Palace was moving dramatically.

The postmodern building is near Copacabana Beach. It is a luxury 46-storey residential skyscraper built in 2014. It is clear from the placement of the tub that the architects were not expecting quite so much movement.