Watch What This Homemade Cannon Does to the Side of a House

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For many, the raw power of old-school artillery is fascinating. But most people do not have the space and means to explore it. Scott Welker is one of the few who had the know-how, equipment, and room to experience the devastating capabilities of a cannon, creating a homemade version from Ford Model T and John Deere 7700 combine parts.

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Video of the homemade cannon in action was shared by Welker Farms Inc on YouTube back in November. It shows Welker’s creation, which was built from various scrap parts.

The video starts off with a bang, showing a turkey being fired from the cannon.

In order to see the full power of the cannon, they focused on the wall of a building where they painted a basic outline of a person, adding antlers and a smiley face for humor.

The shot with the turkey was very close range but did show off the cannon’s capabilities.

After the turkey, they headed back, aiming higher and going for greater distances.

The cannon, according to the video’s description, had the ability to launch cannonballs over a “half mile and into the clouds.”

They also took a shot at a car from close range, launching a cannonball into the passenger door area.

Much of the remainder of the video is a montage of various shots, showing off the capabilities of the homemade cannon.

They do return to the house later in the video, this time launching a cannonball at the wall.

The shot punched a hole into the structure but didn’t make it all of the way through the wall.

The nine-minute video demonstrates exactly what a person can do with some time, ingenuity, and the drive to create something amazing.