Watch the Dramatic Takedown of 3 Would-Be Armored Truck Robbers Looking to Steal $4M

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Three would-be thieves had plotted to kill the guards of an armored truck and make off with $4 million in cash. Local authorities were able to locate the men, capturing them before the heist could take place. Footage of the arrest, which took place on February 20, was just recently released, showing exactly how law enforcement took them down.

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The incident took place on Interstate 95 near Palm City, Florida. Three would-be robbers, identified as Daryl Canady, Alger Ellison, and Martiavius Williams, were allegedly planning to rob an armored truck scheduled to arrive at a PNC Bank branch in St. Lucie.

Another armored vehicle heist was also being planned by the suspects, according to a report by Fox News, that was set to take place after the first was complete.

“To me, as I look back on the video, it almost looks like a TV production, said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder on Friday during a press conference. “We had a heads up, quite a bit in advance; we were intimately involved in planning for the arrest.

Canady was said to be the mastermind behind the planned heists. He reportedly communicated with a person who was secretly working with the FBI, allowing local authorities to be tipped off before the robbery could take place.

Snyder stated, “In my decades of law enforcement, I can’t remember a single case where we had such good [intelligence].”

The takedown was a joint venture between the FBI, Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

“It was out swat team, our special operators,” said Snyder. “I will tell you this, in today’s day and age, with so much criticism of law enforcement, there were several dozen people with tactical rifles and their fingers on the trigger – and nobody pulled the trigger.

The suspects were arrested on February 20 during the morning rush hour. They remain in federal custody.