Watch Stunning Video of Peruvian Woman Who Narrowly Escapes Death In a Mudslide [VIDEO]

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A Peruvian woman found herself in a life or death situation after a mudslide lifted her and her farm away while she was feeding her pigs. Dramatic footage of the episode was captured by a local man. The video shows her appear seemingly out of nowhere. Though she escapes with minor injuries, she looks seriously dazed.


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Christian Jesus Hidalgo Medina was the man filming the mudslide. It carryied whatever it caught in its path down a stream of tan debris. Pigs, cows, logs and even shipping containers were all seen rushing downstream. Evangelina Chamorro Díaz was caught in the rush of debris as well.


The shipping container, which looked to have blocked a portion of the mudslide, may have saved Diaz’s life as it becomes lodged into an overpass and helped to slow the flow of mud.


Once it became lodged, out of nowhere, it seemed, Diaz appeared from under the debris looking confused and having trouble standing. She eventually pulled herself to saftey and was helped by bystanders who were still .


The health minister who checked Diaz out after the traumatic experience issued a comment to The Guardian about her well being. “She is a little confused, but she is very well and will recover because she is a warrior and thank God nothing serious happened.”


Diaz said she didn’t remember the ordeal. She simply recalled that she and her husband were feeding their pigs when they were forced down the hill from the flow of mud. She said they tried to climb a tree, but it snapped and she and her husband were separated. Her husband was found safe shortly after Diaz.

Peru has been stricken with these deadly mudslides after intense rainstorms this year. While typically a desert town, the rains this year in Lima, where this video was taken, are due to the El Niño weather pattern.


Currently, Peru has had 62 fatalities and 12,000 homes destroyed by mudslides, according to the Associated Press. Thankfully, Evangelina Diaz was able to escape death instead of becoming the 63rd person to die this year.