WATCH IT: Trash Talking Del Taco Manager Gets Fired Over Medium & Mild Taco Sauce

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A foul-mouthed Del Taco manager is learning the hard way that the internet never forgives.

And neither did Del Taco, who fired him despite his father being an owner of the franchise location, after a profanity-laced video of him arguing with a customer about mild taco sauce went viral.

“I don’t give a f–k, bro,” the unidentified manager, said. “Seriously, go ahead, alright? Where you going to post it, YouTube? No one’s going to f–king see it.”

The brief clip starts with a man and a woman sitting in their car at the drive through window as the manager walks around inside. Reportedly, the customers and the manager began arguing because he forgot to give them medium and mild taco sauce. Seriously.

“This guy right here, he just called me a f–king dick and he flipped me off,” the man says.

When the manager comes back to the window, the woman says she’s going to report him to management.

“My dad’s actually a f–king owner, so good luck with that,” he replies, adding that he’s the manager of the shop.

The employee keeps ranting against the pair in the car, insisting that they started the fight.

“Why you gotta give me ‘tude about the f–king sauce?” he screeched.

After two minutes of back and forth, the couple drives off.

“He really doesn’t have an idea of what social media can do to somebody,” the man says, presciently.

It’s not trending on Facebook and even making the local news: