Watch Hero Cowboy Disarm Would-Be Convenience Store Robber After Being Held at Gunpoint

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Store surveillance cameras preserved the moment where an armed robber burst into a convenience store and began waving a revolver in the direction of an employee. He then turns the gun on a cowboy hat wearing customer, pointing it directly at the customer’s face. The robber turns his attention toward other shoppers, and that proved to be his biggest mistake.

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The incident was captured on CCTV inside a convenience store in Mexico, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

While the robber is focused on him, the cowboy manages to remove his sunglasses calmly. Then, as another customer comes around the end of an aisle, catching the robber’s attention, the cowboy sprang into action.

He rushes the robber and grabs him around the shoulders as he works to wrestle the gun away.

Once the gun is out of the robber’s hands, the cowboy doesn’t let go, ensuring the man doesn’t have a chance to escape.

Two store workers run over to assist the cowboy, and one manages to pick the gun up off the floor, preventing it from falling into the hands of the robber again. The robber and cowboy continue to struggle, ultimately drifting out of view of the CCTV.

At some point during the altercation off-camera, the robber’s shirt is ripped away from his back, and he manages to escape the cowboy’s grip.

As the robber comes back into the frame, he begins to brandish a large kitchen knife.

The robber makes a break for the door, but one of the store employees is there to stop him from reaching the exit.

The cowboy and two store employees work diligently to disarm and restrain the robber, dragging him away from the door in the process.

Another employee can be seen on the phone speaking with local law enforcement as the clip ends.