Watch as Tim Tebow Makes ‘Inspirational’ Girl’s Dream Come True with Surprise Prom Dance [VIDEO]

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Tim Tebow may not be in the limelight in the sports world as he once was, but he stays busy with his charity work. And he can still make a fan’s day just by showing up. Tebow appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday to speak about his foundation’s event called a “Night to Shine.”


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The event, which Tebow and his organization sponsor, is a prom night for special needs boys and girls. The night starts with a walk down the red carpet while “paparazzi” snap photos. The Jacksonville, Florida, native called “Night to Shine” his “favorite night of the year.”

When Fallon asks Tebow about his high school prom, he told Fallon, “I never went to prom in high school.” He explained, “I was always playing baseball, basketball or football. We were always so busy.”

Tebow explained that he’s not able to see everyone who attends prom as there are multiple proms in multiple cities on the night of the event. That’s when Fallon whips out a corsage, and the audience realizes Tebow is there to surprise a special needs girl named Judy Adams who is in the crowd.


Apparently, Judy attended one of the proms and was devastated when she realized she wouldn’t actually get to see Tebow.


So with the assistance of Judy’s mom, Tebow was able to orchestrate a prom dance right there on Fallon’s show in front of thousands of people.


The former NFL Quarterback went up to the audience where Judy and her mother were sitting, took her hand and asked for a dance. The audience began clapping, while the camera panned to Judy’s mom who was wiping tears of joy from her face.


“She is so amazing and she is so inspirational,” Tebow told the audience after their dance.

The moment was legitimately heartwarming and continues to show Tebow’s character. You may think of him as a washed up football player, but he proved that night that he knows what’s really important.