Watch as San Fransisco Man Tracks His Stolen Car Down, Thieves Get Instant Justice

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If you’re going to steal a car, it would be in your best interest to make sure there isn’t a GPS device on the car. And don’t even think about stealing Ben Yu’s car. Yu, a start-up co-founder, has had his car stolen not once, not twice, but three times in San Francisco, California. And he’s tired of it.

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When Yu’s car was stolen for the third time in a year, he decided enough was enough, and he was hellbent on getting his vehicle back. Yu and his friends were returning from lunch when they discovered Yu’s Mini Cooper had been stolen — again.

Luckily, Yu had a GPS in his car and was able to track the movements of the thief. The big question was how to catch up with the thief. With no vehicle to drive, and after being let down by the local police in the previous robberies, Yu and his friends decided there was only one way to get the car back: Uber.

Uber driver Dilapo from Nigeria was willing to chase the stolen vehicle down with Yu and his friends. As the group tracked the stolen car, Yu called 911 to report the situation. According to the video they recorded, they were told not to chase after the stolen car and to simply file a police report.

But Yu had been down that road too many times and simply told them no; he was determined to get his car back. Eventually, the group discovered the stolen car had stopped at a local Safeway. As they approached the car’s location, Yu remotely locked the car from his phone, in the hopes of keeping the thief locked out.

The video shows the group driving past Yu’s stolen car as they spot two men standing outside the vehicle. Yu immediately calls 911 again. Within minutes, two cop cars swarm the parking lot and hold the two thieves at gunpoint.

At one point, you can hear an officer tell the thieving duo, “If you move, I will release my dog.” After the simple-minded criminals are arrested, Yu walks past them and tells them, “you should not steal a car, man.”

The officers were happy to be of service to Yu, and they all took a picture together at the end of the video. According to BuzzFeed News, car theft in California has tripled in under a year. Too bad these other car owners don’t have Yu around to help retrieve their vehicles.