Jewelry Store Owner Fights Off Four Robbers [VIDEO]

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A brazen daytime heist was thwarted by the owner of the store as surveillance video shows him fighting off the would-be robbers. Two men dressed in hoodies and black clothes stormed the store and smashed one of the display cases. But before they could steal anything, the owner rushed them and fought them off.

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Ironically, the incident took place at the aptly named Heist Jewelry store in Santa Monica Thursday at 2:35 p.m. In the video, two men concealed their identities with black clothing and hoodies covering their faces.

One of the men can be seen rushing towards a nearby display case and smashing it with a hammer, while his accomplice tries to start grabbing the high-end jewelry. What they didn’t account for was the owner of the store fighting back. He rushed them and can be seen attacking them with his fists.

After the owner ripped off the hoodie of the man who broke the display case, his accomplice began hitting the owner in the back with what looked like a hammer. Knowing at this point that they had no chance of stealing the jewelry, the thieves decided to cut their losses and flee.

Unbeknownst to the would-be thieves, a man in a Tesla saw the ordeal from his car and followed the men while he phoned the police. Law enforcement ended up apprehending three men, as well as another man who is suspected of being the getaway driver, the Daily Mail reported.

All four were charged with robbery and assault. Three of the four individuals were minors. In addition, KTLA reported the four men were also charged with suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime.

The owner, who was the only person injured, stated he suffered minor injuries from being hit in the back with the suspect’s hammer.

The on-duty manager stated the would-be robbers got away with nothing. “They took nothing,” the manager told KCAL. “They didn’t get anything. We heisted them, they didn’t heist us.”

These men discovered firsthand that successfully pulling off a heist in real life is a lot more difficult that it appears to be in Grand Theft Auto 5.