Watch as Hong Kong Protester Saves Friend With Flying Kicks [VIDEO]

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Riots have been erupting in Hong Kong for the better part of this year. It began with proposed legislation of an extradition bill that citizens felt was detrimental to them. What began as a semi-peaceful protest has now turned into pandemonium with officers and protestors physically attacking one another with no end in sight.

A video was posted online showing a lone officer trying to make an arrest on two protestors. As the officer is pulling on the clothes of the protestors, a man comes roaring into the scene and does a flying kick towards the officer.

The man gave his best Jakie Chan imitation and knocked the officer off his feet. The wanna-be action movie star then springs back to his feet and proceeds to run off. While the officer is still trying to regain his bearings, the protestors he was trying to arrest turn the tables on him and attack.

One of the protestors immediately begins hitting the officer with his fists and his feet before his friend pulls out some kind of wooden object, hitting the officer numerous times before the pair run away.

The officer, who was just attacked by three different people, got off the ground and looked around in a confused state. The video ends with the officer walking away.

While the video went viral, with many hailing the protestors, some felt the attack on the police officer went too far.

The extradition bill at the root of the protests would have meant that criminals in Hong Kong could be extradited to mainland China, which many citizens felt undermined the authority of the Hong Kong judicial system.

Violence between protestors and police has progressively gotten worse. Police have begun shooting bean bag pelts at protestors to help disperse the ever-growing crowds. Recently a member of the media was shot in the head with the bean bag pelts, the Daily Mail reported.

There was an outpouring of support in favor of the injured media member, especially when it was determined that police had beaten him when he was brought to the station. The violence in Hong Kong does not look to be ending anytime soon.