Watch as Helicopter Pilot Pulls Off Amazing Rescue of Injured Skier

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When a skier suffered a knee injury while on the slopes, a helicopter was sent to handle the evacuation. While the situation is naturally precarious thanks to the angle of the mountainside, one helicopter pilot navigated it with ease, bringing the chopper’s spinning blades shockingly close to the snow-covered slopes to save the skier.

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The incident took place on January 2 at Anterne Pass in Passy, France, according to a report by Unofficial Networks. When the skier injured their knee, the French mountain police (PGHM) were called to rescue them from the mountainside.

As the pilot flies the chopper in, it’s obvious that landing the helicopter on the slope isn’t an option.

However, the pilot is clearly undeterred, masterfully directing the whirlybird toward the injured skier.

As the helicopter grows close, the pilot points the noise of the chopper toward the mountainside.

The rotors keep spinning, coming within what appears to be inches of the mountain.

Another member of the PGHM reaches out to assist the skier, pulling them safely inside.

Then, the helicopter lifts away from the slope, picks up another pair of people, and flies everyone to safety.