Waitress Posts Photo of Her Check on Payday. Amount Has the Internet Outraged. The Explanation…

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The following image of a waitress’s paycheck after allegedly working a 76 hour pay period has some people calling for a huge hike to minimum wage, some calling it a hoax and some are just scratching their heads. It’s been shared hundreds of thousands of times in recent days.

Here is the post that was made on Facebook (over 3 years ago I might point out):

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.16.06 PM

Some people say that obviously this girl needs a better job, or that the government drastically needs to raise minimum wage.

However, the post was never meant to be an argument for minimum wage. It was a post about tipping. The confusion about the post apparently shows how few people really know how restaurant wages work (and how few people have worked in them apparently!).

Servers earn nearly all of their money through tips. Servers are usually only paid a little over $2.00 per hour as wages from the restaurant. However, due to the fact that the server has to also pay federal, and in many cases, state income and payroll taxes on the tips, usually most of their hourly paycheck goes to the government to cover the tips they take home on a daily basis.

The post was meant to be a reminder that if you don’t tip at a restaurant that the server essentially waited on you for nothing, or pennies. Based on subsequent Facebook posts in the last few days, Boddy is amazed that her post is being misconstrued for politics over three years after she posted it.