Vodka Ice Cream is a Thing Now. And It Will Get You Smashed.

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The liquor industry has long sought new ways to package their distilled spirits. While the demand for traditional alcohol remains strong, upstarts in the industry have a hard time competing. Perhaps that’s why there is now a new trend: alcoholic ice cream. Looking for a cool way to end summer? Try some vodka ice-cream.

Or, as the company says: “chill out, eat vodka.” ArcticBuzz has launched a line of ice cream that combines flavors like cookies and cream and key lime pie with the kick of vodka. The Baltimore company has figured out how to keep the mixture from separating, which is a challenge becasue of the low freezing point of vodka.

“If you have ever put a bottle of vodka in the freezer,” ArcticBuzz writes, “you know the vodka wins every time. After working with several different recipes and numerous tastings, ArcticBuzz has cracked the code and delivers home made, hand churned, smooth vodka frozen dairy dessert.”

“To take it a step further, we work closely with a local distillery to create artisan flavors that are formulated solely for our product! We currently feature six flavors of our hand crafted vodka that provides outstanding taste for each and every palate. We continue to be locally made with a “kick” from our freezer to yours. We hope you find ArcticBuzz to be the ultimate in taking ice cream up to a new degree.”

The result is a desert that has an alcohol content between 8.6-8.9% by volume.

The new desert poses a unique challenge to distributors and re-sellers that will have to accommodate the new ice creams with freezer space, but if there is a demand for the ice cream that’s a challenge they’ll willingly accept.

The ice cream provides a new way for those casual drinkers who like the feeling of intoxication, but not the taste of alcohol. This “problem” has been addressed with many fruity concoctions in years past, or mixed drinks that rely on syrups or sugar to mask tastes.