Vitamin Water is Offering You $100K to Ditch Your Smartphone for a Year

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How would you like to have $100,000. Maybe you already do. In that case, it would be an extra $100,000. That’s the prize that vitaminwater is offering in a new contest they’re hosting that challenges smartphone users to put down their treasured devices for a year. A full year. Could you do it? Would it be worth $100,000?

The winner will have to go for a full year without using his or her smartphone. That’s the first step. The winner will also have to be able to prove that they didn’t cave in at any point. You’re not allowed to use a tablet, either–so there’s no trying to get around it.


This doesn’t mean you won’t be cut off from a phone. “If you’re up for the challenge,” ABC writes, “you must not use or touch any smartphone for 365 consecutive days. Instead, the company will provide you with a 1996-era cellphone that can be used during the contest.”

1996 was a good year for cellular technology. While texting was still way off, and there was no internet capabilities, the phones themselves were small enough to be discreet and portable.

If you can go a full year, the grand prize is $100,00. If you only make it six months, you are still eligible for $10,000.

“And don’t think you can fool vitaminwater because a lie-detector test will be performed at the end of the contract period,” ABC adds.

“Participants must enter the contest by Jan. 8, 2019. To do so, create a tweet or Instagram post explaining how you would use your year if you took a break from your smartphone. Make sure to include the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest in the social media post.”

Oddly enough, vitaminwater does want you to post to social media every now and then, if only to keep the contest in front of those with their faces still in their phones.

What happens if more than one of us make it to that final year mark? Then it is up to vitamanwater to choose the winner. Want more details? Click here.