Vietnam Vet With Concealed Weapon’s Permit Kills Would-Be Robber [VIDEO]

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In yet another case of instant justice from a law abiding, concealed weapon holder, one assailant is dead and the other is being charged with first-degree murder for his friend’s death in the failed robbery. Oh, did I mention the man that protected himself was a Vietnam vet?


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The unidentified 70-year-old Vietnam vet was approached by two men, who are now identified as 23-year-old Perry Richardson and 19-year-old Billy Dickerson, who plotted to rob the veteran after asking for directions. What they received instead was justice.

The two held a gun on the vet and demanded that he give them all his money. Unfortunately for them, this veteran had a concealed carry permit and used his second amendment right to the fullest.


The vet pulled his own firearm from his holster which was under his shirt, instantly killing Dickerson, who was struck in the head with one bullet. The other assailant, Richardson, was also struck and was taken to an Illinois hospital.


When officers arrived on the scene, the vet informed police that he acted in self-defense and feared for his life, an act that the state’s attorney agreed with. “He feared for the life of his friend and just took decisive action in that moment,” State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons told KDSK-TV.


Richardson, who remains in the hospital, will be transported to jail and charged with first-degree murder for the murder of his friend and fellow assailant, Dickerson. He will be held without bail, according to Gibbons.

“If you’re engaged in a forceable felony and someone — no matter who — dies during the course of your crime, you are accountable for murder,” Gibbons told KSDK-TV.


This isn’t the first time this simple duo has robbed unsuspecting citizens. Illinois authorities report that the two are thought to be responsible for multiple unsolved robberies in the Illinois and Missouri area. Given the circumstances of the alleged repeat offenders, and the vet’s permit being in order, Gibbson told the vet his actions were justified.

“The courts have consistently recognized the right of a law-abiding citizen to carry a concealed weapon for the purpose of self-defense,” Gibbons said in a statement to KTVI.


It just goes to show, no matter how old you may be, if you rely on your second amendment rights, you will be just fine. You might even get recognized for doing your civic duty. Bravo sir.

Image Credit: Alien Gear Holsters