Video Shows Small Plane Crash into Ocean. Pilot and Passenger Take Selfies While Waiting for Rescue

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The Beechcraft Bonanza light aircraft 34-year-old David Lesh was piloting experienced an engine failure. As the plane descended toward the ocean, Lesh’s friend Owen Leipelt, who was piloting another aircraft, alerted air traffic control and filmed the incident. Then, after ending up in the water, Lesh and his passenger took selfies while they waited for a rescue.

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The small plane crashed in the ocean off the coast of California, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

“I was probably 3,400 feet, did everything I could,” said Lesh during an interview. “I couldn’t get the motor running and put it into the Pacific.

“We skipped along the water for a few hundred feet, and the impact was very minimal, it was not hard at all, and we immediately opened the door and got out onto the wing.”

Once the plane hit the water, Lesh and his passenger “took a quick inventory of what was in the plane.”

“I grabbed my cell phone and the keys to the car,” said Lesh. “I knew we had about 20 or 30 seconds before it sunk.”

“It got cold pretty quickly,” said Lesh. “After about 20 minutes or so, I started to freeze up pretty good. There was jellyfish everywhere. There was sunfish. There was whales breaching around us.”

“We just waited as long as we could on the wing,” he continued. “The plane went down, we got into the water. Jellyfish were stinging us the entire time we were in there.”

As the pair was treading water in the ocean, waiting for a helicopter to arrive, they used a cell phone to film themselves. Even considering their circumstances, and the jellyfish stings, they appeared to be in good spirits in the footage.

They were ultimately rescued and deemed to be unharmed.