Video Shows Officials Capturing Gator in the Surf of Popular Beach Days After Toddler Killed

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Just days after a toddler was killed at a Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida by an alligator in a lake, a video posted to the Tybee Island Fire Department’s Facebook page showing another alligator is going viral. [Scroll Down For Video]

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.18.37 PM

The video shows what appears to be a 6-7 foot alligator being captured in the surf of the popular beach while hundreds of onlookers watch.

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The beach is one of the most popular in Georgia and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each month from the spring through early fall.

Tybee Island is flanked by river mouths on both sides of the island and the inland waterways and marshes are home to the animals.

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The alligator will be relocated to a safer location for both it and beachgoers. Last year, just a few miles up the coast, an even larger alligator was found on the beaches of Hilton Head Island.