Video Shows Moment Dad Stops Attempted Kidnapping of His Baby in Dunkin Donuts

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Footage of an attempted kidnapping was released by the Philadelphia Police Department clearly showing the moment when the would-be abductor was thwarted. The incident took place at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday, where the unidentified male reached into a stroller in an attempt to lift the child from the seat before being spotted.


The man was seated near a window in the downtown Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts while a woman waited in line with her baby in a stroller next to her. He soon got up and walked toward the stroller, looking over the handle and then placing his hands on the child.


Based on information provided to Inside Edition, witnesses said the man shouted, “That’s my baby!” while the incident took place.


The woman turns and confronts the man right before another male customer, thought to be the child’s father, turns and pushes the attempted kidnapper away, shoving the man into a nearby wall.


The woman with the stroller and the man who shoved the attempted abductor left the store within seconds of the incident occurring. The potential abductor was also filmed exiting to the street but did remain on scene.


The Philadelphia Police Department described the case as “peculiar.” While they located the suspect involved in the attempted kidnapping, the police are still looking for the woman with the stroller and the man who shoved the would-be abductor as they left the scene and did not report the incident to police.


What charges will be filed against the suspect will depend on the parents account of the incident. The police are hoping their statements will give them a better idea of exactly what happened as events unfolded. The public is being encouraged to provide any information that can help identify the parents from the video.