Video Shows Moment ‘Cops’ Soundman was Shot and Killed in a Wendy’s Robbery [VIDEO]

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Police officers take risks everyday. That’s an understood part of the job description. When others ride along with them, they assume some of those risks. A newly released video documents just how extreme those risks can be. It shows the tragic moment a sound technician for the show “Cops” gets shot during a robbery.

The incident in an Omaha, Nebraska Wendy’s begins with the police rolling up on a robbery in progress. A man in a black hoodie is inside. Police split and enter through the front doors and through the kitchen, which sets up the potential for crossfire.

And that’s what happened. The “Cops” camera man made it inside and filmed the shooting. The suspect resisted arrest, and was armed with a pellet gun. The police open fire. The suspect runs toward the door that the Bryce Dion, 38, who was recording sound, is entering.

Dion was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Had he been hit in the chest, he may have walked away. He was not. The bullet struck him under his arm, in an area that had no ballistic protection.

Cortez Washington, the man with the pellet gun, was also struck and killed.

The footage also captures the panic of the aftermath. Dion is slumped on the floor, by the doors, and the police and others realize he’s been hit. Reports suggested that he lived for 20 minutes.

The shooting happened in 2014, but is just now being shown to the public. “A Douglas County judge ordered the release of the video footage that shows how the fatal incident after Dion’s brother filed a wrongful death suit,” The Daily Mail notes.

“Bryce positioned himself where told, when told, and acted in accord with police officer instructions,” the lawsuit claims.

“The perpetrator drew what appeared to be a pistol, but proved to be a pellet gun that simulated discharge.”

“Police responded with live rounds of ammunition. They shot and killed the perpetrator. As they did so, they also shot and killed Bryce who was positioned as directed between at least one police officer who arrived at the scene belatedly, other police officers, and the perpetrator.”

The lawsuit is still ongoing.