Video Shows Jimmy Johns Worker Remain Exceptionally Calm as Armed Robber Puts Gun in His Face

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A cashier at a Jimmy John’s in Kansas City, Missouri, stayed calm under pressure after a man entered the establishment at around 9:13 p.m. on April 26, placed an order, then pointed a gun directly at the employee and demanded money from the cash register.


[Scroll down for video]

Surveillance video caught the enter scene, including the suspect in a baby blue sweatshirt and black hat approaching the counter before brandishing the weapon and demanding cash.

The employee seems unfazed as the robbery unfolds inside the sandwich shop.


At about the 0:35 mark in the video, the robber removes a pistol from the front pocket of his sweatshirt and attempts to rack the gun. The gun appears to jam, though the man appears to be unaware that the action did not complete properly.


The robber then points the gun at the cashier and begin demanding money from the register. The employee seems unmoved throughout the incident and even casually removes his glove and tosses it into the trash at the 0:45 mark in the video, almost as though nothing is wrong.


The gunman points the barrel directly at the employee’s head as the worker begins removing cash from the drawer. Another employee, whose hand can be briefly seen in the video, comes forward though appears to be pushed back as the robber points the gun in their direction.



Cash from the register is placed directly into the robber’s hand by the cashier. Then, the worker attempts to hand over the drawer in its entirety, though the robber only grabs a loose bill before turning away and leaving the store.



As reported by KMBC, Kansas City police said the man was identified and has been taken into custody.

No employees were injured during the incident.