Video Shows ‘Inchworm Bandits’ Crawling on Restaurant Floor During Burglary

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Three thieves have been dubbed the “inchworm bandits” after security camera footage showed them crawling and pulling themselves across the floor of a restaurant during a burglary on Sunday. After smashing a front window, the trio got down on the floor, in what is believed to be an attempt at avoiding the cameras.

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The incident took place at Piggy’s Kitchen and Bar in Houston, Texas, according to a report by Fox News. The three hooded burglars smashed the restaurant’s front window, and then made their way through the dining room by crawling along on their stomachs.

All three thieves remain mostly pressed against the floor until they reached the kitchen. With their hoods up, the crawling position ensured the security cameras didn’t get clear shots of their faces.

“The staff has taken to calling them the ‘inchworm bandits,’” said restaurant manager Christopher Grinnell. “They’re inch-worming their way across my dining room floor, all the way to the kitchen.”

In total, the three burglars managed to get away with $450, all of it being tip money designated for the servers who worked over the weekend.

“That’s ‘going to the store and buying groceries’ money, you know,” said head chef Kelsey Alkire. “That’s ‘finding the perfect little gift for your friend’ money, and it’s just not fair.”

Additionally, the trio did about $2,000 in damage along the way.

Police are investigating the incident. Not only are they trying to identify the thieves, but they are also working to determine whether this is the same group that broke into Mister Gattis Pizza last week using a similar approach.

This is the third time Piggy’s has been the target of a break in. During the last incident, thieves used a crowbar and sledgehammer to gain entry before getting away with around five bottles of tequila.