Video Shows Dallas Police Officers Laughing at and Mocking Mentally Ill Man Who Called 911

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Tony Timpa, 32, called 911 and told the operator that he had taken drugs and needed assistance. He added that he was not off his medication. A private security guard placed Timpa in plastic restraints, and Timpa was acting erratically. When police officers arrived, told them that he was schizophrenic. After the cops cuffed Timpa, they began mocking him.

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Timpa was in the parking lot of a pornography store when he called 911, according to a report by the Daily Mail. The incident took place in 2016.

He had been placed in plastic restraints by a security guard and was on the ground, behaving erratically. When Dallas police officers arrived, they put him in regular handcuffs and flipped him over. A cop placed a knee on Timpa’s back, an attempt to “calm him down.”

The police officers then proceed to laugh at Timpa and mimic him. They also laughed about the “cocktail” of sedatives he would likely receive once in a mental health facility.

“You’re gonna kill me!” Timpa repeatedly shouted at the officers, but the cops laughed it off.

Then, Timpa slowly lost consciousness.

When Timpa stopped responding to them, the cops panicked.

“What the f***?” said an officer with Timpa still on the ground. “He didn’t just die down there, did he?”

Paramedics were called to the scene and placed Timpa on a gurney.

“He’s not breathing,” said one paramedic.

“He’s not breathing? Oh, s***! F***!” said an officer.

Approximately 14 minutes after being restrained, Timpa was pronounced dead by the paramedic.

“He’s what?!” the officer shouted. Then, the cop muttered, “F***!”

The Dallas County Medical Examiner ruled that the death was a homicide, stating that Timpa died of cardiac arrest due to the toxic effects of cocaine and the stress of being physically restrained.

The police officers – Dustin Dillard, Kevin Mansell, and Danny Vasquez – were charged with misdemeanor deadly conduct by a grand jury. Prosecutors later dismissed the case.

Timpa’s family is now seeking a settlement in civil court.

Footage from the incident was released on Wednesday after a long legal battle where Dallas News was trying to make the video public.

The police tried to keep the video from emerging since the incident, claiming that releasing the footage would interfere with criminal cases and ongoing lawsuits if it was made available to the public.