Video Shows Bar Patron Calmly Light Cigarette While Suspect Armed with Rifle Robs the Place

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On Wednesday at approximately 12:30 am local time, an armed robber entered a bar and started demanding money. Most of the patrons quickly raised their hands, hit the floor, and began handing over any valuables. However, one unnamed male customer was seemingly unphased by the threat, never leaving his seat and refusing to comply with the robber’s demands.

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The incident took place at Behrmann’s Tavern in St. Louis. According to a report by the Daily Mail, Dustin Krueger, the bartender, was serving six patrons when the suspect entered.

The robber was carrying a semi-automatic rifle. Most of the customers responded to the sight of the firearm by putting their hands up and hitting the floor.

One patron seemed to be unphased by the scene that was unfolding. He remained seated, took a sip from his beverage, and started staring at his cell phone screen.

The gunman approached the man and tried to take the phone, going as far as to stick the barrel of the rifle into the patron’s side. The customer still refused, grabbing his phone back and setting it screen down on the bar.

“He just was very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game,’” said Krueger of the customer.

The robber seemed confused by the patron’s actions, though eventually moves on. At one point, the customer speaks to the suspect. Then, the patron calmly places a cigarette in his mouth and lights it.

As the customer smokes, the gunman removes items from shelves near the bar. After a moment, the robber turns his attention to another bar customer who pulls out his wallet and takes out some cash.

The suspect moves to another patron, working his way through the bar.

When he reaches Krueger, the suspect demands that he open the cash register. Krueger complies and then lays down on the floor.

After removing a few bills, the suspect enlists Krueger to help him get the money from the drawer into a bag. Once the cash is in the bag, the gunman leaves.

Six people had items stolen during the incident. Police are still looking for the suspect.