Video Released Showing Unprecedented, Close “Simulated Attack” by Russian Jet on US Warship

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As reported earlier today, a Russian Su-24 aircraft conducted a “simulated attack” on a United States guided missile destroyer. While shadowing and buzzing of planes and ships is common between militaries in international waters, this procedure is being described as unprecedented.

The jet flew close enough to easily read lettering on the side of the plane. The jet made a total of 11 passes and a Russian Ka-27 Helix helicopter also made several low speed passes of the ship and appeared to be taking photos and video.

A 1973 treaty between Russia and the United States forbids each country from conducting “simulated attacks” on the other’s vessels.

Video recorded from the deck of the ship has been released that shows just how close the jets came to the ship.

We haven’t confirmed this, but we have it on good authority that the Russian pilot stuck his finger out of the cockpit and said in a shrill voice, “I’m not touching you!”