Video Released of Oklahoma Cop Running Down Crime-Spree Suspect [VIDEO]

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Dashcam footage has fed the appetite of a nation of voyeurs. This one is especially shocking. The Tulsa Police had been looking for a suspect in a recent crime-spree, and knew the suspect would be armed and dangerous. 21-year-old Madison Sueann Dickson had already shot one man in the head. So when they caught up with her, they ensured she couldn’t shoot anyone else.

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The incident happened last Saturday, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dickson led officers on a high-speed chase, and then jumped from the vehicle and started shooting.

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Officer Jonathan Grafton then hopped the curb in his cruiser and ran Dickson down. She may have survived the vehicular take-down had she not crossed in front of the cruiser and taken the full impact above a concrete sidewalk. She struck her head in the fall and was killed.

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There have been no protests over this brutal use of force. This is in part due to Dickson’s record and the clarity of the dashcam video. Dickson was a prime suspect in four gun-related incidents in Tulsa in the preceding week.

Dickson had robbed a Best Buy, and had shot a woman in the arm at a Walgreens. She is also accused of shooting a man in the head. The wound caused him to crash his car. Though he survived, he’s still in critical condition.

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Officers had initially located Dickson at an apartment complex, but she escaped and fled with another woman in a truck.

And she was armed when the police tried to apprehend her, and had even shot at the pursuing officers.

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Officer Grafton slowed down when he spotted Dickson running in front of an  elementary School. She had a revolver in her right hand. She didn’t stop, and even turned to yell at the officers. At one point she took aim at the car. That’s when she was struck by the cruiser’s hood.

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Grafton, a six year veteran of the Tulsa Police, is on leave while the investigation of the incident takes place. Though he is the one who finally took her down, two other Tulsa officers fired shots in the exchange. No one was hit.

Here is the first video, the one that has everyone talking.

Here is the full video of the second angle of the same incident.