This is the Ultra High Quality Video Released by N. Korea Showing “Destruction” of US Aircraft Carrier [VIDEO]

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In yet another smug attempt to antagonize the United States, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un released on Saturday an anti-American propaganda video that depicts the bombing of a U.S. carrier.


[Scroll Down For Video]

The video comes weeks after Jong-Un threatened to reduce the U.S. ‘to ashes’ with nuclear weaponry if America fires ‘even a single bullet’ at North Korea. In the video, a female voice speaks of the dismantling of the U.S. military and claims that N. Korea would have a swift victory against the U.S. if they were to engage in battle.

The propaganda video pans to a U.S. aircraft carrier being attacked by a missile. The female voice states, “A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier, while the bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit by a hail of fire,” according to Yonhap News Agency, who narrated the video.


The video continues showing ‘Foal Eagle’ military drills, which is a combined Field Training Exercise (FTX) conducted annually by the Republic of Korea Armed Forces and the United States, and something that has long angered the leader of N. Korea.


The Youtube account that the video was published to has other anti-American videos that outline the bombing of Washington D.C. and the killing of American troops.


Jong-Un and his supporters have claimed on numerous occasions that their self-proclaimed “invincible Hwasong rockets” would destroy all of America and make them “bow to N. Korea.”

Seoul has informed the United States government that Jong-Un and his scientists have made “meaningful” progress creating a rocket that could hit the U.S.


President Trump told reporters Monday that he had a meeting regarding N. Korea from his Florida resort this weekend. He didn’t delve further into details other than stating that Jong-Un was “acting very, very badly.”

N. Korea has completed five nuclear tests in the span of months, even to the dismay of the U.N., who is against any nuclear weaponry being tested.


China, who has been a mediator between the two countries, purposed to the United States and South Korea to suspend military exercises in return for N.Korea stopping their nuclear test. No agreement has been made currently, but there is little hope that both sides would agree.