Video of Flight Attendant’s Sassy In-Flight Safety Demo Goes Viral

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In-flight safety demonstrations aren’t generally known for their entertainment value. But one Southwest Airlines flight attendant decided to change that, delivering a hilarious and “sexy” rendition of the standard seatbelt, evacuation, and safety procedures. A passenger caught his antics on video, and the clip was shared on Facebook. It quickly went viral.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the flight attendant, identified as Nicholas Demore, was working on Southwest flight 1597, heading out of Dallas destined for Las Vegas. After everyone boarded and the trip was underway, it came time for the safety demonstration.

Demore considered this his moment to shine.

Passenger Samantha Lynch Kintner captured footage of the safety demonstration where Demore did everything from pout his lips to shake his hips while explaining the standard emergency procedures.

At one point, after some antics during the seatbelt portion of the demonstration, Demore even winks at his audience before using one of the laminated safety pamphlets to fan himself while posing.

A colleague of Demore, who may have been caught off guard by his performance, can be heard giggling while trying to proceed through the checklist before she finally loses her composure and devolves in a fit of laughter.

Kintner stated during an interview, “Everyone thought he was hilarious. He was funny throughout the flight.”

Southwest Airlines also had a sense of humor about the flight attendants interpretation of the safety demonstrations, saying in a statement, “Our employees are known for their fun-loving attitudes.”

The airline continued, “We love that he has created such a lighthearted and memorable experience for Southwest Customers!”

Commenters on the Facebook video have also been largely positive, referring to the footage as “hysterical” and “awesome.”

As of this writing, the video on Facebook has been viewed over 39,000 times.