Video From Helicopter Shows Saltwater Croc Killing and Eating Freshwater Croc

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Footage was released by an Australian tour guide operator showing a giant saltwater crocodile making a meal of a smaller freshwater crocodile. The film was shot from a helicopter flying over the lower Ord River in Kununurra, Western Australia before finding its way to the helicopter tour’s Facebook page.


[Scroll down for video]

As reported by IFL Science, the helicopter tour operator, HeliSpirit, added the video to their page saying, “Lunch time! We all know the Kimberley is a wild place…but take a look at this. HeliSpirit Engineer Lynden James snapped this shot on a maintenance flight with Chief Pilot James Bondfield earlier today – their eyes definitely made a double take at what they saw below!”



Despite their respective names, both forms of crocodiles are capable of living in freshwater and saltwater, making the chance encounter easier to fathom. The freshwater crocodile involved in the altercation is strictly a native of Australia while the saltwater croc can be found in Australia, India, and many other locations throughout Southeast Asia.



Cannibalism amongst crocodiles is also not uncommon.  Male crocs may attack other males to establish or defend their territory, and the loser in the battle isn’t always fully consumed.  However, if a larger crocodile is hungry, it might choose to go after a smaller crocodile to secure a meal.


Saltwater crocodiles are known to be more aggressive than their freshwater counterparts and often enjoy a substantial size advantage, as seen in the video.