Disturbing New James O’Keefe Video Ties Clinton Directly to Protests Against Trump

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been hammering away at Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee using old-fashioned investigative journalism to uncover the corruption behind the campaign. And they’re producing results.

The third video in a series about how Clinton is directly responsible for what Trump is calling a “rigged election” was released today at noon, and the video documents illegal activity that the Clinton campaign will have to answer for.


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This third video is part of a yearlong investigation into the Clinton campaign’s behind-the-scenes muscle. Up until this point, Clinton has been able to dodge allegations of direct involvement. Not anymore. Multiple people from her team speak about her direct control over a controversial campaign stunt that sent costumed protestors to Trump rallies dressed as Donald Duck in order to spread the message that Donald Ducks his Taxes.


If it were just a protest, some would be forgiving–but there’s more. The video exposes Clinton’s team speaking openly about coordinated attacks on Trump rallies designed to provoke Trump supporters to violence.

“In the end, it was candidate Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States who wanted ducks on the ground, so, by God, we will get ducks on the ground,” said top Democratic operative Bob Creamer. “Don’t repeat that to anybody,” he added.


O’Keefe, who has coordinated this project, has alleged that the Clinton campaign and the DNC worked directly through the non-profit Americans United for Change. That constitutes an illegally coordinated campaign activity.

“The ducks on the ground are likely public communications for purposes of the law,” Project Veritas lawyers advised. “It’s political activity opposing Trump, paid for by Americans United For Change funds but controlled by Clinton and her campaign.”


Bob Creamer and Scott Foval are two key figures in this whole debacle. Creamer, whose wife is a congresswoman from Illinois, has stepped down from his position at the head of Democracy Partners. Foval has since been fired from Americans United From Change. Who will get the axe after this third video picks up steam?


Watch the video below. The whole thing. The allegations are complex, but clear.