Video Captures Moment Dolphin Bodyslams Unsuspecting Surfer

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Dolphins are symbolic of the beach. Their likenesses adorn oversized towels and tumblers. Tiny dolphin silhouettes dangle from ears, and around necks. They are legendary for their intelligence and benevolent relationships with humans. Yet there may be a more deviously playful side to dolphins, as the video below demonstrates.

A stand-up paddle board will keep you above most ocean-going threats. You’re not as likely to tangle with jellyfish, or step on a stingray. But this dolphin, off the coast of Gracetown, Australia, demonstrated one potential hazard.

The 54-year-old on the paddle board saw the dolphin. The were moving in coordination, herding fish into tight groups so they could be more easily caught. Then they began playing in the waves.

One jumped from the water and clobbered the man, who is only being identified as Andrew. The dolphin seems intent on knocking the man down. It looks like the dolphin rolls into the jump so he catches him with the full brunt of its weight.

“One of them for some reason decided to jump out of the water and took me out quite well,” Andrew told reporters after the video began going viral.

“Hats off to him, he connected with me really well.”

Here’s the video:

Andrew is hardly the first person to have had a close call with a mammal we normally consider to be a symbol of peaceful tranquility. The dolphin in the video below clobbered a surfer who didn’t see it coming.

The woman below had a better view. The playful creatures seemed just as eager to see her as she was to see them. Their antics must have made for a memorable day of wakeboarding.

And here’s another example of the dolphin getting up close and personal with a surfer.