Video Captures Crazy Moment a BMW Driver Reverses into Two Men, Knocks One onto the Hood

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A possible road rage incident was caught on camera. The driver of a BMW and two men engage in an argument. Then, the men appear to try and remove the driver from his car, pulling at the door handle and reaching inside the vehicle. In response, the driver moves forward, but the pair of men don’t give up.

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The incident took place at a Sunoco gas station in Ormond Beach, Florida, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

Law enforcement state that the BMW driver and two men were arguing in the road before entering the Sunoco location and continuing their fight.

As the duo appear to try and remove the driver from his car, he moves the BMW forward. The men then walk behind the car, following the driver.

He then puts the BMW into reverse, heading in the direction of the two men. One man claims his foot was run over.

The two men don’t give up. Instead, they move to the front of the car and try to push it.

The driver then moves forward right into one of the men, hitting him with the car and sending him up onto the hood. He then hits the brakes, sending the man flying back onto the pavement.

Julianna Ingerto, the woman who filmed the incident, said it was “really scary.”

“[I] definitely didn’t know it was going to lead up to that,” she added. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! This is actually happening.’”

Ingerto said that the driver of the BMW “didn’t really care who was around him. He backed right up, pulled forward and hit him and just pushed him off, brushed him off and then left.”

Cops say that the driver, who left the scene, was actually defending himself.

“The video shows the male in the BMW acting in self-defense and also identifies him as the victim in this incident,” said a police report.

Law enforcement also believes the men followed the BMW to another station.

One of the men who was struck by the BMW claims that the driver had cut him off and also thrown things at his vehicle.

The duo could face charges of battery and burglary, according to police, who also said they wish to speak to the driver featured in the video.