Veterans Walk Out of AOC Meeting

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been an outspoken critic of America’s actions during wartime. Previously, she came to the aid of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar when she sparked criticism from many veterans about a remark made regarding the 9/11 attacks. Now, a pair of veterans have stormed out of a private, closed-door meeting with Ocasio-Cortez after she criticized America.

The meeting took place in the Bronx, New York, Wednesday night with numerous community leaders in attendance. Many of these leaders were prior military from various wars. Army vet Anthony Vitaliano was sitting next to Ocasio-Cortez when she spoke.

Without warning, Vitaliano stood up and proceeded to the exit while the Congresswoman was speaking about foreign policy. the New York Post reported.

“I just couldn’t hear her BS anymore,” Vitaliano, who worked for the NYPD for 38 years, told the publication. “I just got up, got my umbrella in my hand and walked right out.”

Vietnam vet Silvio Mazzella also expressed his displeasure with Ocasio-Cortez speaking about the country he fought for. “She knocks the country, she knocks the president. And that’s not what America is about,” he said.

At one point in the meeting, Ocasio-Cortez spoke on the United States’ foreign policy, particularly the US policy of providing bombs to Saudi Arabia. According to those in attendance, she slammed the US for their role in that matter.

“Talking about America, that really turned me off completely,” Mazzella added. One person in attendance, who did not want their name released, claimed he “was revolted” by Ocasio-Cortez’s stance.

The straw that reportedly broke the camel’s back was when she stated that President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were autocrats.

The 78-year-old Vitaliano wonders what will come of the meeting. “Did she care about the issues? She wrote them down,” he explained. “The jury will be out on the local issues.”

According to The Blaze, the room was not full of angry people, though. Many supporters of hers were in attendance and applauded her responses.

Ocasio-Cortez’s office has denied anyone left the meeting early. “The only person that left the meeting while it was underway was someone who had to go pick up their children.”